Boring boss

Are you a boring boss? Find out in 5 questions

In a meeting with a colleague, customer or client, who speaks first and for how long? Boring people tend to do all the talking and dominate a conversation. It can be frustrating when someone dominates the conversation and doesn’t give others a chance to speak.

Executive presence, how to get some

Today I am delving into the world of executive presence. Now, that’s quite a dry way, I think, to talk about being a good leader and showing that you are a good leader. Having presence means gravitas, authority, listening skills, demonstrating behaviours and values of your organisation.

BIt Famous Business Awards

Bit Famous Ltd is announced as a finalist in Lloyds Bank British Business Excellence Awards 2022

For immediate release: 26 July 2022Bit Famous Ltd is delighted to announce that we’re reached the finals of a prestigious business awards. We’ve been named as a finalist in the Business Enabler of the Year category at the Lloyds Bank British Business Excellence Awards 2022.  As a learning and development provider we specialise in communication skills, work with SMEs and …

The challenge of receiving feedback as a leader

The challenge of seeking feedback as a leader

Many leaders that I coach tell me that sometimes they don’t feel they’re really being praised for what they do. It’s a situation where you know you’re doing an all-right job because no one’s told you off, or you have not failed yet. But there’s a little bit of doubt about whether you’re able, whether you are capable, whether you are excellent.

Bit Famous works with NatWest

Bit Famous supports NatWest’s rollout of video banking

NatWest makes 2600 retail bankers a little bit famousBit Famous supports the roll-out of customer Zoom appointmentsThe pandemic has had a huge impact on banking, as Zoom meetings became increasingly popular with customers, NatWest made the bold decision to take the majority of its retail banking appointments to online video. The organisation appointed Bit Famous to train and support 2,600 …

Share your opinions

Got an opinion? Share it

I’ve got a bit of a challenge on with somebody. I’m trying to convince them that having an opinion and sharing it is a really good idea.

Now you might be in the camp of: “Oh, no way. I’m not sharing my personal opinions anywhere or with anyone because that’s the recipe for disaster. That’s the road to ruin.”

I, however, believe you absolutely must share your opinions and your experiences and your thinking about things so that people understand what you stand for, who you are, and where you’re coming from.