The Bit Famous Workshop

Enable your teams to raise their personal brand profile - so they can build relationships, be seen as trusted advisors and develop their careers.

Enjoy greater impact and influence when you make yourself a little bit famous!

Failing to communicate with confidence, or being a bit of a best kept secret, means we miss out on the many benefits of being 'known, liked and trusted'.

  • We miss out on being seen as the 'go-to' person, well known for their subject area specialism.
  • We miss out on staying front of mind for career and project opportunities.
  • And we miss out on sharing our thought leadership and key messages with impact.

All of which is compounded by new ways of working, where colleagues aren't regularly visible to each other in person.

We've worked with 1000s of people in organisations of all sizes to help them onboard career-long communication skills through our tried and tested techniques and frameworks.

Through experiential learning, our introductory workshop provides your colleagues with the inspiration and skills to start building their personal brand profile. They will enjoy greater impact and influence among the people who matter to them.

How it works...

In the morning, through discussion and learning our unique frameworks and models, we show delegates the benefits of building their personal brand profile. We also look at how they might go about that.

In the afternoon, the attendees choose one of the following activities to help put the learning into practice. 

This transformational experience shows them how easy, and even enjoyable, having impact can be!

Presenting to the group

Taking part in a panel discussion

Making a short video for using their phone

Creating a short podcast episode

The duration of the workshop content is flexible to suit your needs and numbers. Clients book it in a variety of formats, for example:

A one-day practical workshop for groups of up to 12 people

'Lunch and learn' or half-day session for larger groups

An off-site or team build session

Board development masterclass

Amazing feedback for this course

Nicola Ruane

"This workshop helped us realise the benefit of showcasing our expertise."

Nicola Ruane, ESG & Sustainability Director, EY
Nicola Ruane

"The feedback for this masterclass has been amazing. It is engaging, fun and makes you think - our people left with real, tangible actions. I highly recommend."

Tara Rule, Senior Director of Commercial Strategy & Operations EMEA, Adobe

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