Bit Famous works with NatWest

Bit Famous supports NatWest’s rollout of video banking

NatWest makes 2600 retail bankers a little bit famous


Bit Famous supports the roll-out of customer Zoom appointments

The pandemic has had a huge impact on banking, as Zoom meetings became increasingly popular with customers, NatWest made the bold decision to take the majority of its retail banking appointments to online video.

The organisation appointed Bit Famous to train and support 2,600 customer-facing staff to develop confident communication skills on camera.

Our in-house experience was a perfect fit for this project. We brought professional TV presentation know-how, engaging training skills and video production expertise to the project.

This meant we were able to work directly with the client on all aspects of the work. We designed, produced and presented three 20-minute training videos and accompanying 'live sessions' that followed the self-paced video learning.

Exceptional video appointments - Training programme

We designed, scripted, filmed and produced a series of three training videos for the course - Exceptional video appointments. As well as delivering around 35 live follow up sessions for colleagues over the course of three months. The videos were presented by Bit Famous MD and former BBC TV presenter and business journalist Penny Haslam. They were recorded and  produced by TV director Steve Blears.

  • Video 1: Amazing on-screen How to look and sound like a TV professional when you are on camera.
  • Video 2: Brilliant communication Advice on hosting a video call so teams can be conversational, relatable and memorable
  • Video 3: Star Performance How to bring your best self and stand out while on video appointments.
Bit Famous Digital Learning
Bit Famous Digital Learning

Staff engagement by design

Engaging staff in this new approach to online video working was key to the success of the project. The training videos featured NatWest colleagues participating, demonstrating and giving feedback on the learning. 

This less formal and collaborative approach meant common questions, concerns and comments were addressed and workshopped by peers on screen.

Learning was consolidated with group tutorials via Zoom where the course topics were refreshed and discussed live.

Bit Famous Digital Learning

Project success

The training has succeeded in giving NatWest teams the confidence to deliver an excellent customer experience on screen. The programme was also exceptionally well received by colleagues: 

"Penny was brilliant and would go so far to say the best training and development I've experienced in a long time." 

- NatWest colleague

"I loved that so many people were on the call but we were all able to share our experience." 

- NatWest colleague

"Very enjoyable. Delivered in a way that was easy to digest and be able to use productively in my daily role." 

- NatWest colleague

I understood and was able to relate each of the learning objectives to the learning I achieved


Said yes

I found the course materials engaging and easy to follow


Said yes

To what extent do you agree or disagree with the statement that the learning resulted in you being clear, capable and motivated to carry out your role and serve our customers?


Promoters (scored 9 or 10)

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