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I believe organisational confidence is the key to success 

Bit Famous works with businesses and organisations
to help them communicate with confidence.

By Penny Haslam

MD and Founder - Bit Famous

Penny Haslam

I believe organisational confidence is the key to success. That's because confident individuals create confident teams, in turn, they build happier organisations that can fulfil their purpose. But all too often, self-belief is seen as a personal burden to bear, something you have to work out on your own. 

We need to get past this idea because confidence is actually a people problem that we can all work to resolve. As leaders, it's our job to help our people get past this misconception and provide them with the tools they need to lead a happier and more successful life at work.

That's why I've created this email resource with leaders, and People Professionals in mind. It's packed with practical tips and advice for you to share with colleagues.

Let's get started!

Penny Haslam

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"A four fold increase in customer contact"

Bit Famous helped grow our market leading position

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Since training with Bit Famous our media and digital engagement is up by 91% and 65% respectively

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Bit Famous reaches finals of prestigious business awards

We reached the finals of the 2022 Lloyds Bank British Business Excellence Awards. How we got there.


Our FREE resources - what you'll get

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The resources include:

The confidence conversation starter

How to kickstart conversations about confidence with your team.

Who's on your bus?

A simple tool for professional reviews and development sessions. It'll help you start conversations about team dynamics, employee needs and personal development.

Overcoming negative self-talk

How to help others identify, confront and extinguish unhelpful self-talk and imposter syndrome.

Re-igniting ambition

How reflecting on forgotten aspirations can re-ignite employees' ambition.

Personal values

How creating personal values statements can boost employee confidence.

Overcoming nerves while speaking

A tried and tested tutorial for more confidence while speaking in meetings and at events.

Embracing the power of YET

A tool that will help you people embrace the power of possibilities.

Focusing on your goals

Are your people held back because they worry about what other people think of them?