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Workplace Confidence Training - Confidence Workshop

Are you looking for a light-touch way to bring your team together?

Workplace confidence training

"It's not fluffy, it's not therapy, confident individuals build confident teams."
Penny Haslam

Workplace confidence training. In this Confidence Workshop Penny Haslam shares her 3-steps to building confidence. It's fun, interactive and thought provoking - Ideal as a team build or to help your people explore confidence-sapping issues.

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Full day workshop

90 minute interactive workshop

Keynote or lunch and learn for groups of 100+

Ideal as a team-build for remote workers

The course can be delivered online or in person

How to start a conversation about confidence with your team

How to start a conversation about confidence with your team

Confident individuals create confident teams, you have happier organisations that can fulfil their purpose.

Watch the video - Start a conversation about confidence

Workplace Confidence Training - overview

In today's fast-paced work environment, we all know that confidence isn't just a nice to have; it's absolutely crucial for a successful team. 

Maybe you need to enhances team performance and communication, build resilience, foster leadership or cultivate a positive, collaborative workplace culture?

Not everyone has these skills but that's exactly what our Workplace Confidence Training is here to build.

Delivered in a format of your choice, the session is a dynamic blend of practical exercises, engaging discussions, and scenarios straight from the real world of work. 

Drawing inspiration from Penny Haslam's insightful Confidence Keynote, we can support professionals at all levels to conquer self-doubt, silence negative self-talk, and break through barriers to effective leadership and teamwork.

Real-world relevance: Our content is directly applicable to today's workplace challenges.

Interactive and engaging: We mix lectures with interactive activities and role-play, catering to different learning styles.

Personalised action plans: Participants will develop their strategies for maintaining confidence.

An expert facilitator: Our team brings a wealth of knowledge in personal development and workplace dynamics.

Themes in detail

Awareness: Begin by recognizing the presence of negative internal dialogue. This can often manifest as self-doubt or criticism that lowers self-esteem.

Naming the negative voice: Assign a name to this negative self-talk, such as 'Self-talk Sybil.' This technique helps in externalising and separating these thoughts from your true self.

Confrontation: Actively challenge and question the validity of these negative thoughts. Replace them with more positive, realistic affirmations.

Extinguish negative patterns: Regularly practice recognising and dismissing this negative self-talk, gradually reducing its impact and frequency.


By the end of this course, your team will have a deeper understanding of the role of confidence in the workplace and be equipped with strategies to enhance their confidence and contribute more effectively.

We invite you to invest in your team's development with our "Workplace Confidence Training." It’s a step towards unlocking their potential and driving your organisation's success.

Elevated team performance: Confident team members step up, innovate, and add value in discussions.

Sharper communication skills: Our training sharpens assertiveness and communication, paving the way for a more collaborative work environment.

Increased resilience: With confidence-building tools, your team is better equipped to face challenges head-on and adapt swiftly.

Leadership development: Improved levels of confidence can shape the leaders of tomorrow, ready to take on greater responsibilities.

Positive workplace culture: Confidence breeds a workplace where collaboration, creativity, and job satisfaction thrive.

Business Confident

What does a confident business look like?

There are several ways to gauge the confidence of your employees. Read the Bit Famous guide

Amazing feedback for our workplace confidence training

Claudia Wootten - Turnitin

Entertaining and thought provoking

A fantastic workshop that stimulated ideas and supported the team to build their confidence amid the challenges we faced in 2020. With our team working remotely, we wanted a session that would bring us together and support us both professionally and personally.

The interactive Confidence Workshop was the perfect way for us to share how we felt about our own confidence levels and making our voices heard. Penny ran the sessions in different time zones so our people in the US, Europe and Asia could take part. She was entertaining AND thought provoking, and the feedback from delegates has been nothing but positive.

Claudia Wooten,Senior Director - Turnitin


I just wanted to say thank you for your fantastic Confidence Workshop, I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve taken away from it. It's had such a positive impact on both my work and my home life.

Creative Design Assistant, JRF

Valuable ideas

I've been trained on most things in my career, but never on confidence - which is ridiculous because once you have ideas about how to build your confidence, you can pretty deal with anything life throws at you! Penny's session showed us valuable ideas to navigate the bumps in the road and how to be more resilient in the future.

Audience member, CIPFA

Achievable and realistic

The sessions are always so relaxed and fun, I felt totally immersed throughout. The workshops have been the best I've attended, hands down. I left feeling energised and confident that the skills and tips Penny shared with us are achievable and realistic rather than pie-in-the-sky theories that would be nice 'if only I had the time'. I've taken the learning for my work life and personal life too. I would definitely recommend, fab!

Steph Nelson, NHS Comms and Engagement Manager


I would thoroughly recommend Penny's confidence course. I learned loads, got to know colleagues better and had a nice break from the day job during lockdown.

Jude Webb, Delegate

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