Five communication mistakes

Five communication mistakes that are costing your business

Bit Famous works with businesses and organisations
to help them communicate with confidence.

By Penny Haslam

MD and Founder - Bit Famous

Penny Haslam

At Bit Famous, we believe great business communication is more than just a nice-to-have. It's essential to the success of your organisation. Our clients understand this and have seen the tangible benefits of effective communication first-hand. From increased turnover to attracting investment or better staff retention and enticing higher calibre recruits, the positive impact on their organisations has been clear. 

We help businesses and organisations communicate with confidence, creating tailored coaching and training programmes for leaders, emerging leaders and teams. Read our success stories.

When it comes to common communication mistakes you should avoid as a business, here are our top five:

No.1 Communication mistake - Not sharing expertise

At Bit Famous, we believe sharing your expertise is just as important as selling. When you position yourself as a thought leader and expert in your field, you not only appeal to customers and clients but to all types of stakeholders, both inside and outside your organisation.

This "how can we help" approach isn't just for leaders. By creating a team of employee brand champions you can supercharge your organisation's appeal. To help you achieve this, we offer training and coaching that gives your team the skills and strategies they need to focus on sharing expertise and knowledge. Blog: What are employee evangelists?

No.2 Communication mistake - Failing to communicate your values

As a business, we believe you need to tell people what you stand for. By values we're not talking about that mission statement blue-tac'd to the office notice board or toilet cubicle door. Sharing your opinions and beliefs, not just as an individual but as an organisation will help you build trust, credibility and set you apart from your competition.

With Bit Famous, your team can learn a range of actionable skills and strategies to share your opinions. They include presentation skills trainingspeaking on panels at business events, media training and skills to create your own media such as smartphone video and podcasting.

No.3 Communication mistake - Ignoring confidence issues

We understand that confidence can be a tricky thing, one moment you have it, next it can disappear unexpectedly. In your organisation, confidence should not just be a personal issue for people to tackle on their own, but a team challenge that we can all work to resolve.

We believe confidence is a superpower which will help your organisation achieve its goals, because once your team has confidence, anything is possible! Our confidence coaching for leaders and Confidence Workshops for teams are packed with practical activities and intelligent techniques for dealing with scenarios that make us feel undermined or under-confident.

No.4 Communication mistake - Lacklustre presentation skills

When was the last time you took an honest look at the standard or presentation skills within your organisation? Do your people spend too much valuable time (or too little) preparing? Are they over-reliant on PowerPoint? Check out our podcast and blog: Are you a great speaker or just good enough. 

No.5 Communication mistake - Messaging that fails to embrace the power of stories

Do you have a solid strategy for how you engage and talk to the audiences that matter to you? When you discuss your success, for example during an industry panel discussion, do you engage and entertain them with pithy anecdotes, or bore them with statistics. Facts are around 22 times more likely to be remembered if they are part of a story (Psychologist Jerome Bruner.) Bit Famous has tried and tested strategies to include compelling storytelling across your business content. It's offered in our taster training, the Bit Famous Workshop plus Coaching and Media Training. Listen to the podcast: What's the point of your story?

We can help

At Bit Famous, we help people communicate with confidence. We build your ability and confidence when it comes to communication, so you can share your ideas, your message and purpose - and do it brilliantly. This means you can more easily engage and influence the audiences who are important to your business or organisation.