Smartphone Video for Business

Give your team the strategy and skills to use video so they can be seen as trusted advisors, build relationships, share information and thought leadership.

Hands on video skills to use straight away

Smartphone Video for Business is a practical, face-to-face one-day course. Learn hands on filming skills to create quick, easy and compelling video content on your phone for your brand or business.

We'll teach your team how to create video that builds relationships, shares information and thought leadership. 

Brought to you by former BBC Breakfast business presenter Penny Haslam and TV producer/director Steve Blears.

Filming Skills:  Hands on skills that enable your team to film on a phone with a professional look every time.

Content Creation: Showcase your experience, knowledge and passion in an engaging and useful way.

What to Shoot: How to film a vlog, business interview, client testimonial & filming yourself at a location or event.

Performance Techniques: Expert advice on beating nerves, looking relaxed and confident on camera.

Be a star of the small screen

The phone in your pocket can be a powerful tool to share your ideas and connect with clients, customers and stakeholders. Our tips and advice for getting a professional look.

Smartphone filming techniques

About Smartphone Video for Business

Our training has helped sales teams get cut through, build relationships and drive business growth. It's saved comm's teams time and money while boosting awareness and engagement. Whatever your business Smartphone video is a fast, cheap and effective way for your organisation to communicate internally and externally in a personal and engaging way. The course can also be tailored to meet your specific training needs, for example, using video to demonstrate a new product or service.

No complicated software: There’s no complicated software to buy, download, or learn.

No desktop editing: No time-consuming desktop editing or production involved.

No production or crew expenses: Make professional looking video completely by yourself.

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