Tech Returners – Bit Famous success story


Tech Returners addresses the skills shortage in the tech sector by training and coaching women who want to build new careers in tech or who want to advance further into leadership. 

As the figurehead of the business, its CEO knew that she could grow the business and fulfil her purpose, by increasing her visibility.


"I find that I’m now inspiring women to think of tech as a career, by being more visible and showing them it's possible. In their words I have ‘changed their lives’. If I can support them to enter the industry or progress into leadership positions, I feel that I'm making a difference and having a real impact ."

Beckie Taylor - CEO Tech Returners 


Becky Taylor

How we helped

Through one-to-one visibility coaching we helped Beckie gain the skills and strategy she needed to raise her profile and that of her business.

In the sessions we worked on compelling key messages; successful media interview techniques and performance; content for engaging presentations and talks; and standing out on panel discussions. As the figurehead of her business Beckie is now:

Regularly called upon as an authoritative 'go-to expert’ and commentator.
Confident when speaking in public, delivering compelling keynotes and talks.
Impressive when she takes part in panel discussions.
Seen as an authentic leader with a compelling personality.

Her business has benefitted and now:

Attracts larger corporate clients, which means its plans for growth are on target.
Enjoys positive industry influence as a thought leader.
Consistently gets impressive traction and engagement on social media.
Saves money on media and marketing spend.
Saves time when preparing for client meetings and public or media appearances.