We help people communicate with confidence

We build your ability and confidence when it comes to communication, so you can share your ideas, your message and purpose - and do it brilliantly.

This means you can more easily engage and influence the audiences who are important to your business or organisation.

Bit Famous has worked with 100s of individuals and teams in global companies.

Our training and coaching programmess have been created to drive your success. We can help:

Enable senior executives and team leaders to clearly and effectively communicate your organisation's purpose, vision and values.

Empower your people to craft and communicate their personal brand and professional value.

Elevate the visibility of your leaders and boost employee engagement.

Help you preserve your talent pipeline and achieve diversity objectives by supporting key individuals in your organisation.

Develop genuine, inspiring role models who consistently demonstrate excellent communication skills.

Improve the standard of innovation, problem-solving, creativity, and teamwork.

Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

For impact, influence, communication and confidence
Group executive coaching for women

Support your leaders and emerging talent to engage their teams, get buy-in for their ideas and progress their careers. Our executive coaching clients have greater impact and influence in their organisations and are better equipped to communicate with confidence.

DiscoverExecutive Coaching

Our 4-part Impact, Influence and Confidence Programme brings the skills, strategy and inspiration your talented women leaders need to communicate with impact and build self-belief. This programme will challenge them to think differently about how they raise their profile, set goals and achieve them. More: Group Executive Coaching for Women.  

Group Executive Coachingfor Women
Group Executive Coaching for Women

(In)Visible Leadership Coaching

Are your leaders as present as they need to be in your organisation? Are they authentic, seen and ready to listen? With this executive coaching, we explore visibility with impact, influence and confidence.

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Essential Business Communication Skills

For workplace confidence
Panel discussion training

Share expertise through panel discussions. We'll teach your team to shine as panellists and moderators so they are memorable, engaging and likeable. 

Panel DiscussionTraining

Share your vision and engage stakeholders by creating authentic and relatable presentations, keynotes and talks.

Presentation SkillsTraining
share your opinions
Presentation skills training

A practical and fun introduction to powering up your profile. Teams can try their hand at speaking and presenting, being interviewed on camera, podcasting and sharing their expertise using social media video.

Bit FamousWorkshop
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Penny Haslam shares her 3-steps to building confidence. It's fun, interactive and thought-provoking, designed to help your people explore confidence-sapping issues.

WorkplaceConfidence Training

Straight Talking Workshop

Is your organisation struggling because you can't have open and honest conversations? Show your team how to tackle tough talks and express their opinions clearly and confidently.

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NEW for 2024
Professional Growth and Relationship Skills

To help your team to communicate with confidence

Kickstart Mentoring Workshop

Bring the generations of your business together for a practical guide to getting started with mentoring.
Help your team achieve personal and professional growth, improve their skills, increase their confidence, and broaden their network.

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Maximising Time with Stakeholders Workshop

Learn to build rapport and trust for more focused and efficient meetings. Gain skills in steering conversations, asking insightful questions, and tactfully interrupting to enhance effectiveness and maintain control.

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Fail Forward Workshop

Transform a business setback into a meaningful discussion and learning opportunity. In this one-day guided workshop examine what went wrong and create a strategy to prevent it from happening again.

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Network Building Workshop

In this highly practical and hands on session, your people will develop new skills to identify and connect with influential individuals within and outside your organisation. So they can nurture and benefit from these professional relationships.
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Media and Digital Communication

For confidence on-air and online
Media Training

See our mini-site Marvellous Media Training We share our industry insight from years in broadcast journalism, so you can handle any question and be seen as accessible, authentic and trusted experts.

Mini-siteMedia Training

Learn hands-on filming skills to create quick, easy and compelling video content on your phone for your organisation, brand or business. A practical, face-to-face one-day course for teams.

Smartphone video for business
Bit Famous Clients
Claire Marsh


Bit Famous gave NatWest teams the confidence to deliver an excellent customer experience

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John Billson

"A four fold increase in customer contact"

Bit Famous helped grow our market leading position

Abigail Scott Paul

"We've landed 10 new sponsors"

Since training with Bit Famous our media and digital engagement is up by 91% and 65% respectively

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Bit Famous reaches finals of prestigious business awards

We reached the finals of the 2022 Lloyds Bank British Business Excellence Awards. How we got there.

Bit Famous Business Award

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How do I beat nerves while presenting?

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Bit Famous Awards

Bit Famous MD is shortlisted for business book award

Panel Discussions - The Ultimate Guide by Bit Famous MD, Penny Haslam has reached the finals of The Business Book Awards 2023. Discover Panel Discussion training | Get the book.

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