We help people communicate with confidence

We build your ability and confidence when it comes to communication, so you can share your ideas, your message and purpose - and do it brilliantly.

This means you can more easily engage and influence the audiences who are important to your business or organisation.

Bit Famous has worked with 100s of individuals and teams in global companies.

Our training and coaching programmess have been created to drive your success.

Organisations choose Bit Famous when they're focusing on:

Boosting employee engagement and retention

Driving commercial growth

Cultivating a diverse talent pool and tackling the gender pay gap

Equipping leaders and rising stars with essential communication skills

Strengthening values and behaviours to enhance organisational culture and navigate challenges.

Bit Famous empowers employees to:

Communicate with confidence, so they are more visible, influential and engaging

Grow in their roles and advance their careers

Build their personal brand profile and get known for what they do, internally and externally

Share their ideas and value with impact

Strategically expand their network

Does this sound familiar? Bit Famous can help

“My role requires me to have more presence, be more visible. I'm not sure where to start.”

"Our new board member needs to improve their confidence."

“I'm expected to present more and speak at events but I hate it.”

“We need to support our talent pipeline and leaders facing burnout.”

“Colleagues need a plan to grow their networks.”

“Our culture needs to change so we're better placed to solve challenges and problems.”

Bit Famous Clients
Claire Marsh


Bit Famous gave NatWest teams the confidence to deliver an excellent customer experience

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John Billson

"A four fold increase in customer contact"

Bit Famous helped grow our market leading position

Abigail Scott Paul

"We've landed 10 new sponsors"

Since training with Bit Famous our media and digital engagement is up by 91% and 65% respectively

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Bit Famous reaches finals of prestigious business awards

We reached the finals of the 2022 Lloyds Bank British Business Excellence Awards. How we got there.

Bit Famous Business Award

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Bit Famous MD is shortlisted for business book award

Panel Discussions - The Ultimate Guide by Bit Famous MD, Penny Haslam has reached the finals of The Business Book Awards 2023. Discover Panel Discussion training | Get the book.

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