JRF – Bit Famous success story


The Joseph Rowntree Foundation's mission is to inspire social change through research, policy and practice. It wanted to shift the dial on social change more quickly and more effectively – and therefore needed to increase its visibility, in order to have greater influence and impact.

After working with Bit Famous, JRF now communicates its thought leadership more widely and with more confidence.


“Thank you so much for all of the work you have done with us over the past two years. It has made such a difference to our confidence and ability to communicate.”

Claire Ainsley

Executive Director, JRF

“The difference Bit Famous has made is immeasurable. They have helped us transition from using factual language, to communicating as thought leaders, with personality. As a result of their support, our spokespeople are being asked to appear more regularly - because they are confident, credible and engaging experts. We cannot recommend highly enough!”

Abigail Scott Paul

Deputy Director of Advocacy and Public Engagement, JRF

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How we helped

We worked with JRF’s top team initially, and then the whole organisation. Through our training and coaching they now deploy their ‘stable of brand ambassadors’ who:

Regularly appear on TV, radio and in print, as authoritative 'go-to experts’ and commentators
Deliver compelling keynotes and talks, with authenticity and personality
Have confidence in their content and performance, for internal presentations
Stand out, shine and get known, when they take part in and chair panel discussions
Gain impressive traction through social media video, every time they post.
Compelling Talks

This means the organisation can now:

Enjoy meaningful impact and influence among policy makers, sector partners, the wider public and the media
Spread the load of external communication, with every team member playing a role in sharing its news and discussing its purpose
Reinforce organisational values and behaviours
Engage employees and attract candidates
Raise their profile with purpose.