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SVB – Bit Famous success story


Silicon Valley Bank is very well-known in the USA, but has been a best kept secret in the UK, despite being open for business since 2006.

The London office wanted to support its people to confidently spread the word among the innovation, tech and investor communities about the many benefits to working with SVB.


“No matter who your audience is, you need Bit Famous to help you with your message and performance. We now communicate concisely and with impact, across many different platforms – speaking at industry events, taking part in panel discussions or on the media.”

Silicon Valley Bank

How we helped

Through a range of training and coaching sessions we worked with SVB in developing their staff to clearly articulate how the bank supports its customers and to be comfortable sharing compelling stories of challenges and success. As a result, they now have a strong stable of confident ‘brand ambassadors’ who can:


Handle controversial topics and questions on the media

Showcase company values and purpose, on social media and podcasts

Deliver compelling content on stage at industry events

Contribute to panel discussions and be memorable

Present to camera for online video content

Perform well during ‘fireside’ chats and interviews

This means the organisaton can now:

Cut through industry noise with its message

Take full advantage of opportunities for exposure

Offer a diverse range of company representatives to take part or be interviewed

Engage audiences and create opportunities for business development.