We can help your people communicate with confidence

Our training is specifically designed to empower your team to communicate with confidence, share ideas, build relationships, and make a lasting impact. We understand that every organisation has unique goals and objectives, so we tailor our training to fit your needs.

Whether it's a sales team that needs to be more fluent in their messaging or leaders who wants to stand out at external events. Our clients have reported great success in sharpening presentation skills, developing the next generation of leaders, and enabling effective engagement among colleagues.

Sharpen up presentation skills

Develop the next generation of talent so they're impactful and communicative

Enable leaders to engage their colleagues more effectively

At Bit Famous, we believe that training should be practical, impactful, and most importantly, enjoyable. Our programmes are packed with proven frameworks, tools, and techniques, as well as insider tips from our world-class communicators.

Does this sound familiar? We can help

“We need to develop our next generation of talent so they can communicate with impact."

"Our sales teams need to be more fluent in their messaging and more visible to our customers."

“We need a new approach to communicate with the audiences that matter to us.”

Explore our training and get in touch for a solution tailored for you

A practical and fun introduction to powering up your profile. Teams can try their hand at speaking and presenting, being interviewed on camera, podcasting and sharing their expertise using social media video.

Penny Haslam shares her 5-steps to building confidence. It's fun, interactive and thought-provoking, designed to help your people explore confidence-sapping issues.

Share your vision and engage stakeholders by creating authentic and relatable presentations, keynotes and talks.

This programme will challenge your women leaders to think differently about how they raise their profile, set goals and achieve them. The programme brings the skills, strategy and inspiration needed to power up your personal brand profile and communicate with impact.

Share expertise through panel discussions. We'll teach your team to shine as panellists and moderators so they are memorable, engaging and likeable.

See our mini-site Marvellous Media Training We share our industry insight from years in broadcast journalism, so you can handle any question and be seen as accessible, authentic and trusted experts.

By the end of this workshop, your team will be using our tried and tested techniques to communicate with confidence on the microphone - Sharing expertise and thought leadership.

Learn hands-on filming skills to create quick, easy and compelling video content on your phone for your organisation, brand or business. A practical, face-to-face one-day course for teams.

How to start a conversation about confidence with your team

How to start a conversation about confidence with your team

Confident individuals create confident teams, you have happier organisations that can fulfil their purpose.

Read guide - Start a conversation about confidence

Clair Marsh


The training has succeeded in giving NatWest teams the confidence to deliver an excellent customer experience on screen. As video appointments quickly became our number one service offering, the skills required to deliver a great customer experience every time fundamentally changed. Working with Bit Famous helped us to achieve an exceptional capability programme.

Claire Marsh, Project Lead for NatWest and COO for NatWest Retail Banking
Silicon Valley Bank

No matter who your audience is, you need Bit Famous to help you with your message and performance. We now communicate concisely and with impact.

Silicon Valley Bank

Bit Famous helped Beijer Ref UK & Ireland maintain its market leading position


Bit Famous works with the UK's largest wholesaler of cooling equipment. We've built their confidence and ability when it comes to sharing the experience and value they bring to customers. Sales teams now routinely save time and money using self-filmed smartphone video to communicate with clients, colleagues and stakeholders. Beijer Ref teams have attended:


John Billson

"A four fold increase in customer contact"

In a fast moving and competitive market Bit Famous Ltd has assisted us to grow our market leading position by helping with communication both internally and externally. This has been achieved by training our team to communicate in new ways whilst retaining our traditional values. This increased customer contact four fold. I would have no hesitation in recommending Bit Famous to anyone other than my competitors! 

John Billson, MD, Beijer Ref UK & Ireland

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