5 Steps to banish boring training

Five steps to banish boring training

No one likes boring training. Why? It’s boring. Okay, even at primary school, right? You can all remember that teacher who was just a little bit boring or maybe a university lecturer who didn’t set the world of light. And you’re like, Oh, God, it’s so boring. I’m not interested. This is really hard and life is too short for that. So, I’ve come up with five things that I do in every single training session that really lifts the room and helps people skip out the door at the end of the day with a great feeling in their heart, with some knowledge on board.

Set your work and personal goals for the year ahead

“I really need to get out there more. I’ll do that next year.” Yeah, most of us just go around carrying this thought in our head about what we’d like, but we don’t pin it down. So this is about taking those thoughts in your head. The ambition, the focus, the requirement, perhaps, and pinning it down so you can achieve more through the year.

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