Shh… The silent workplace confidence crisis

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By Penny Haslam

MD and Founder - Bit Famous

Penny Haslam

The silent workplace confidence crisis. Do you have a friend or colleague who's mid-career and leads a team? Perhaps they're outwardly confident, capable and senior in your organisation?

Ask them, "Do you ever suffer from imposter syndrome or speak to yourself negatively?"

Go ahead, I can wait... What did they say?

In my experience, feelings of self-doubt are a much bigger issue among leaders than we might think.
(A recent study* suggests up to 75% of women execs struggle with it.)

In my 5-minute video on this page, how to tackle self-doubt, particularly "negative self-talk." Watch it now and feel free to share it with your team.

Let's talk confidence

In my experience, workplace issues around self-doubt are rarely discussed. They're seen as a private, personal burden to bear. But I would say confidence is a people problem we can all work to resolve.

And it's a bonus to do so, because confident individuals can build confident organisations, that can fulfil their purpose. So, the solution is to actively support colleagues to re-establish their confidence and thrive in the workplace.


Does your organisation need support with workplace confidence?

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*Further reading

Personnel Today: Imposter syndrome: Workplace prevalence by sector, gender and age
More than half of women (54%) feel they have experienced imposter syndrome, compared with just 38% of men.
Of those to have experienced imposter syndrome, 72% feel it has held them back at work; and 43% have experienced it at least once a week. Read more

Forbes: 75% Of U.S. Women Execs Have Impostor Syndrome. Read more

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