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Online media interviews – 10 tips for success

Online media interviews - 10 tips for success

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By Steve Blears

Director - Bit Famous

Penny Haslam

At Bit Famous we believe a call from a journalist or podcaster isn't something to fear, it's something to get excited about! Appearing as a guest interviewee is a golden opportunity to share your knowledge and experience, be seen as a thought leader, and represent your business or organisation.

Increasingly these interviews will be done online via Zoom. Here are our 10 tips for online media interview success:

  1. Prepare
    Sit in a well lit quiet space with enough light on your face. De-clutter your background. Are you familiar with your tech and the software you’ll be using? Are your mic and camera switched on?
  2. Say your best stuff first
    If you have a key point, say it first. If the interview is used in full you may have less than 3 minutes of airtime.
  3.  “For example...”
    Give examples and paint pictures with words. Use connective words and phrases to help you expand - for example: also, as well as, but, in addition.
  4.  Signpost
    Signpost something important, simply by saying, “this is important because...”
  5. Don’t repeat your organisation’s name
    Your interviewer will introduce you and the organisation you represent, so avoid repeating its name or web address.
  6. Avoid getting defensive
    Stay calm and in control. Listen to the words not the tone of the interviewer.
  7. Don’t say “no comment”
    Never lie, embellish, guess or say “no comment”.
  8. Avoid jargon
    Avoid jargon, acronyms and industry shorthand. Stay conversational, in plain English.
  9. Smile
    A smile goes a long way even on a serious topic. Try to relax and be yourself. Inject some energy and enthusiasm into your performance.
  10. And finally...
    Indicate you’ve finished your answer through tone of voice / facial expression/body language.

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