What’s the point of your story?

Here’s a bit of how-to for you when it comes to speaking and presenting. It’s an advanced idea for sharing information. Even if you can’t deploy it straight away, at least you’ll know the theory of it.

Bit Famous

What are employee evangelists and why does our organisation need them?

How to get started with an employee brand champion programme.
Convince the board: low cost brand reach and an authentic approach to reflecting diversity.
Rethink a ‘leaders only’ approach as to who can share key messages.
Identify a diverse range of potential champions from facilitated workshops, around raising profile.

How to beat Zoom fatigue – Find the confidence to shake-up the way you meet online

Bit Famous works with businesses and organisations to help them communicate with confidence.By Penny HaslamMD and Founder – Bit FamousWhatever video conference system you use, people are telling me they are getting exhausted by the calls they’re on. People often schedule them back-to-back leaving little time to reflect or recover and they can be draining on the eye, and the …

Tech Returners – Bit Famous success story

Tech Returners addresses the skills shortage in the tech sector by training and coaching women who want to build new careers in tech or who want to advance further into leadership.  As the figurehead of the business, its CEO knew that she could grow the business and fulfil her purpose, by increasing her visibility.Testimonial”I find that I’m now inspiring women …

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SVB – Bit Famous success story

Silicon Valley Bank is very well-known in the USA, but has been a best kept secret in the UK, despite being open for business since 2006. The London office wanted to support its people to confidently spread the word among the innovation, tech and investor communities about the many benefits to working with SVB.Testimonial“No matter who your audience is, you …

JRF – Bit Famous success story

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s mission is to inspire social change through research, policy and practice. It wanted to shift the dial on social change more quickly and more effectively – and therefore needed to increase its visibility, in order to have greater influence and impact. After working with Bit Famous, JRF now communicates its thought leadership more widely and with more …